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                  Insights for opening the doorways between the chakra levels

In this eight part series we will learn how energy flows in the subtle- physical body via the chakras, or energy centers, and how our limiting beliefs block this flow. We’ll learn a unique set of keys to open the doorways between the chakra levels and awaken the movement of life force energy through the entire body. As we clear negativity by opening the chakras in this way, we find increased mental clarity, emotional balance and feelings of well-being and connectedness to all of life. In addition to having plenty of time for discussion and questions, each class will include guided meditations to ground our new awarenesses. The guide for our journey will be the handbook Returning to Oneness, The Seven Keys of Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston.


Returning to Oneness

Classes, offered in the spirit of service, are by donation and will be held in San Francisco, California at a quiet Outer Richmond district location on eight consecutive Thursday evenings from 7-9pm beginning February 19 and ending April 9, 2015. Classes are limited to seven students. For questions or to reserve your space please e-mail Gary at:

Two on-going meditation/discussion groups have formed with participants that have taken the series previously, and this option is available to you as well, upon completion of the course. I hope you can make it!

“Thank you for providing the Seven Keys journey for us. It was very powerful, meaningful, and instructive. I felt that you were very in tune with each of us and were able to wisely and gently contain and guide our thoughts, emotions, and questions.” Amy Tirion, founder of “Delight for the Soul”,

In this eight class series beginning on February 25, 2014, the potent little book Returning to Oneness – the seven keys of ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston will be our reference and guide.

The chakras are vortexes of spinning energy that form wheels which sit along and slightly in front of the spine. There are seven main chakras, each associated with a different area of consciousness, which effect our physical, emotional, mental well-being. When our chakra system is open and clear, the kundalini, or spiritual energy, that rises from the base chakra can flow freely up into the heart chakra and beyond, where we begin to experience ever increasing states of well-being, love, and connectedness. But, for most of us the chakras are “locked” because we have not cleared the emotional issues that each chakra represents.  In the classes we will learn to work with a unique “key” that opens the lock between each of the chakras, allowing the kundalini energy to flow freely and  bringing us into increasing states of unity and peace.


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As an example, the third chakra, located at the solar plexus, is primarily about power issues – egoic issues of domination, control and victimhood. It’s the chakra that has “ruled” the world for the last 5,000 years, and if we look deeply enough into our own psyches we can see where in ourselves we are holding it place. The key to opening the third chakra is “view the ego impersonally.” Before each class we will read the chapter on one of the seven keys, then, in class we will discuss and process what came up for us so that we have clear understanding of how to work with it. Using guided meditation we will invite the new energy configuration to birth and grow in us.

Details about the classes in San Francisco are in the flier that I’ve attached here. For me, the circle that our group will create symbolizes the wholeness we seek individually, as well as the Oneness that we all are!

I hope you can join us!

Opening the Chakras 2014

Please join me this weekend, Saturday August 25, and Sunday August 26, for a two part workshop on the Marriage of Spirit processing techniques. I will be co-teaching with my friend Charu Rachlis, sharing with you two simple, yet powerful, processing techniques called Polarities and Squares, which quickly and effectively help us to clear and balance heavy mental and emotional states. Based on the ancient mystical teachings of the unification of opposites and using the truth and power of the “middle way”, these techniques when used consistently over time bring increasing peace and well-being into our mind, body, and emotions. The workshop has the added benefit of being a fundraiser for the humanitarian organization Seeds of Light, with the proceeds going towards building a new orphan center for children in South Africa.

Click the link below for the workshop flier with the location and times. I hope you can make it!

Beyond Negativity, Pain & Fear