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imagesBeyond our desires and fears, our anger and our pain a place of peace, equanimity and love awaits us at the level of the heart and beyond. In this full day seminar you will learn about the beauty and power of living from the heart chakra, or the spiritual heart, and how it serves as the doorway into expanded awareness and higher consciousness.

Our minds are polarized in nature creating the familiar teeter-totter of emotions that we experience daily. We may feel good one moment or on one day, then bad the next in an endless cycle of pleasure and pain. Over the course of our day together we will learn how to walk the “razors edge” between the ups and downs of life and begin to live from the still center of our being and from the love that naturally resides there. Our time together will include guided meditations to ground our new awarenesses.

Topics we will explore include:

the chakra energy system and the shushumna (the core light within)
the Human Imprint and the upward and downward spirals
the Neutral Witness and the path of the Middle Way
practical techniques for clearing the blocks that keep us from our hearts

The seminar will be held in San Francisco at a quiet Outer Richmond district location. Suggested donation: $75. Please bring a lunch. For questions or to reserve your space you may e-mail Gary at:

An Initiation for Men:

I welcome you to join me for a day of exploration, healing and initiation into the mystical power of the Sacred Masculine. By consciously choosing to surrender the polarizations and limitations of the egoic masculine in favor of a masculine energy that is compassionate, heart-centered and imbued with love, we bring a new level of balance and equanimity into our lives and we discover our true power as men; we form a brotherhood of men who will help to heal the world.


In this seminar we will explore and identify: what the Sacred Masculine is and what value it has for our lives; how to access the beauty and power of this benevolent force; the limiting beliefs that block our access to this profound way of being in the world. Using techniques for the unification of opposites we will process the blocks we have named and offer them up for for balance and integration. Finally, we will journey into the emotional body using the power of evocative music and passive listening to release our deepest levels of holding and resistance.

Saturday, October 26, 2013 10am – 4:30pm

Suggested donation $50-$75

Location: my home in San Francisco

Please call 415-666-3255 to register and for directions

Please join me this weekend, Saturday August 25, and Sunday August 26, for a two part workshop on the Marriage of Spirit processing techniques. I will be co-teaching with my friend Charu Rachlis, sharing with you two simple, yet powerful, processing techniques called Polarities and Squares, which quickly and effectively help us to clear and balance heavy mental and emotional states. Based on the ancient mystical teachings of the unification of opposites and using the truth and power of the “middle way”, these techniques when used consistently over time bring increasing peace and well-being into our mind, body, and emotions. The workshop has the added benefit of being a fundraiser for the humanitarian organization Seeds of Light, with the proceeds going towards building a new orphan center for children in South Africa.

Click the link below for the workshop flier with the location and times. I hope you can make it!

Beyond Negativity, Pain & Fear