dsc_9847-1aBeyond our seemingly separate self in form Oneness is all there is – the one heart and the one mind. We are That. Welcome to embracingOneness blog where I share assorted musings on this theme, as well as student queries and my responses. My name is Gary Battaglia, spiritual teacher and mentor, and the inspiration for this blog comes from the unique and powerful spiritual teachings that my beloved teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston, has selflessly shared with me over the course of twenty years, and which have accelerated my growth into higher consciousness. My deepest gratitude to her for her tutelage as well as the opportunities she has afforded me to teach on her behalf over the years.

May you find something here to help illuminate your own life, and should you find yourself in a painful situation and in need of guidance, or if you are simply ready to release what no longer serves you, please click the Mentoring/Guidance link at the top of this page to schedule a meeting by phone, on Skype, or in person if you prefer. I am also available for meditation instruction by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person in my home in San Francisco, California.