There is an opening through your contracted emotional states, your pain and your fear, that leads you to the truth of your nature and to the spaciousness and peace that lies at its core. I can help light the way. I am available for mentoring and guidance over the phone, on Skype, Zoom or in person at my home in San Francisco.

Honoring and trusting in divine flow and the support of grace, I offer my guidance by donation. (suggested value: $120) Sessions may be one time only or recurring and typically last an hour, but may go longer if we are engaged in a deep clearing process.

To schedule a session please contact me by e-mail at  garyb@fastmail.com

To donate with PayPal, please use this link:

If you prefer you may also donate with Venmo or by check in the U.S.

Please note: Consultations are not intended to replace legal, medical, or psychological advise. Please consult a licensed professional for this care.


“Over the years Gary has moved fully into the vastness of heart-centered higher consciousness and we are sure that you will find him as inspiring to work with as we do. His understanding of the spiritual principals goes significantly beyond mental comprehension, as he ‘walks the talk’, living his life from a cleared, open and awakened heart.”

Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Gary’s guidance is gentle, clear, and astute. I experience Gary as a steady heart-centred Presence holding my hand as I navigate treacherous terrain. As I walked a life-altering choice in my personal life this past year, I knew, without question, that I could count on him.”

Nancy Scovil, Ontario, Canada

“Gary is a man of heart with great integrity and impeccability. He has moved me with his love for the divine in ways that are very profound and uplifting. In the last few years he has been helping me to clear and process emotional blockages, and with his guidance I experienced a tremendous healing and shift. It has been so so special to have his guidance/support/spirit. It brings me to tears of joy as I write these words, and I feel blessed to have him as a friend and as a teacher.”

Charu Rachlis, El Cerrito, California

“I contacted Gary seeking guidance in clearing guilt. The session turned out to be on forgiveness. Gary’s guidance transformed me on a cellular level. I profoundly shifted in consciousness and use his words of wisdom for many areas on my spiritual path. I was unconditionally and lovingly held energetically as I moved through my processing. Truly an incredible experience.”

Teresa Smith, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I am so grateful for your facilitating my release of my inner frozen child. I have noticed differences in many areas of my life. I seem calmer, more settled, resisting the NOW less. In sessions with my therapy clients, I don’t rush to answer their ‘problems’ with a solution. Instead, I sink into the present moment and let the client’s story, expressions, and energy affect my own, and I respond however my energy wants to respond. It feels more like synergy than work. It’s more enjoyable! So, I see all of this as evidence that the clearing of that hurt, scared inner child freed up more energy for giving of myself, which is truly what I want. Thank you so much.”

Sarah Anderson, Nashville, Tennessee

“With no exaggeration Gary has been a Godsend for me. I am seeing so much more of my real self and am having experiences of peace, bliss and unconditional love. Gary is a pillar of strength and understanding always with the clarity and wisdom necessary to guide me out of ego into a process and on to clearing. He is a conscious presence and I am forever grateful for his showing up in my life!” 

Janine Morris Opheim, Bergen, Norway

“Gary showed up in my life, when I was at my lowest, and totally disillusioned with this earth. I had lost hope and was in a place of total despair and deep, excruciating pain. Patiently, very patiently, and gently, Gary helped me to gain clarity, to see that nothing is separate from me, helped me to see the deep seated patterns that were playing and replaying themselves out, the trauma I had gone through, and most importantly, that I could reverse it all.

Gary is extremely skilled, has tremendous gentleness, lots of integrity, and is impeccable in how he works with people. He took me to a place of inner discovery and healing where no other therapist or even enlightened being had ever been able to take me. I cannot recommend Gary enough.”

Vivian Johnson, Falls Church, Virginia

“Gary’s guidance got me through one of the most challenging times in my life. He gave me simple processing tools to shine light on the unconscious shadow sides of myself and always reminded me that invisible powers far greater than I were there to help when asked. Gary’s heart-based, clear thinking, spiritual guidance grounded me in love and compassion for which I am forever grateful.”

Lucy Hilmer, San Francisco, California