An Initiation for Men:

I welcome you to join me for a day of exploration, healing and initiation into the mystical power of the Sacred Masculine. By consciously choosing to surrender the polarizations and limitations of the egoic masculine in favor of a masculine energy that is compassionate, heart-centered and imbued with love, we bring a new level of balance and equanimity into our lives and we discover our true power as men; we form a brotherhood of men who will help to heal the world.


In this seminar we will explore and identify: what the Sacred Masculine is and what value it has for our lives; how to access the beauty and power of this benevolent force; the limiting beliefs that block our access to this profound way of being in the world. Using techniques for the unification of opposites we will process the blocks we have named and offer them up for for balance and integration. Finally, we will journey into the emotional body using the power of evocative music and passive listening to release our deepest levels of holding and resistance.

Saturday, October 26, 2013 10am – 4:30pm

Suggested donation $50-$75

Location: my home in San Francisco

Please call 415-666-3255 to register and for directions