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Please join me this weekend, Saturday August 25, and Sunday August 26, for a two part workshop on the Marriage of Spirit processing techniques. I will be co-teaching with my friend Charu Rachlis, sharing with you two simple, yet powerful, processing techniques called Polarities and Squares, which quickly and effectively help us to clear and balance heavy mental and emotional states. Based on the ancient mystical teachings of the unification of opposites and using the truth and power of the “middle way”, these techniques when used consistently over time bring increasing peace and well-being into our mind, body, and emotions. The workshop has the added benefit of being a fundraiser for the humanitarian organization Seeds of Light, with the proceeds going towards building a new orphan center for children in South Africa.

Click the link below for the workshop flier with the location and times. I hope you can make it!

Beyond Negativity, Pain & Fear

I’m back from South Africa and a beautiful journey near the mouth of the gorgeous and dramatic Blyde River Canyon in the northeast corner of the country. The new header for my blog is a picture I took at dusk near the rim of the canyon on March 13. Africa – so far away, yet something familiar in me was awakened. My original incarnation in this current cycle of existence, perhaps? Merging with the vast savannah in the silence of nearby Kruger Park I came to know intimately what my teacher calls ‘African Dream Time’. Time stops and one knows implicitly – there is no time, just vast eternal Oneness. The area where I stayed at a botanical reserve at the foot of the sacred mountain of Modimolle, which means ‘place where God resides’, has a very special transcendental energy, allowing the mind to dissolve and one to float blissfully in a sea of expanded consciousness and timeless existence. The Mountain has a powerful way of calling me to attention by instantly aligning my awareness in the vertical axis of the core-light within, and I find that I am in It and It is in me!  Read the rest of this entry »