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A sacred union is formed when we unite our masculine and feminine energies within; we find our spiritual heart and our world is transformed.

Join me on Saturday, June 22, 2019 for a day of exploration, healing and initiation into the mystical union of the inner masculine and feminine. In esoteric philosophy the feminine and masculine principles, the yin and yang, underlie all of existence, bringing form into the world. Whether we are male or female, both are a part of our makeup and they are intrinsically equal and complementary. For most of us, though, they are out of balance, leading to troubled relationships, power struggles, a teeter-totter life, and a world that mirrors this imbalance.

In truth, we are one androgynous soul acting out both sides. The men in a woman’s life will mirror to her unowned and projected aspects of her inner masculine side, and the women in a man’s life will mirror his projected feminine side. To heal this split, we must take back these projections, making the unconscious conscious (shadow clearing), and allow our level of attention to rise into a place of balance in the spiritual heart. With this shift, life smooths out. We see our relationships become supportive, harmonious and loving, and our actions in the world come into alignment with our soul’s intention. We come into our true spiritual power as women and men.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • to identify and distinguish the qualities of the feminine and masculine and their shadow sides
  • how the masculine and feminine energies flow in the subtle physical, or energy body
  • how polarized consciousness moves up through the body and into a place of balance in the spiritual heart
  • potent tools for clearing unconscious shadow

As a group, we will:

  • identify, process and clear the unconscious masculine and feminine shadow
  • be guided in meditations to ground our new awarenesses
  • dialogue and share

Workshop logistics:

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019

Time: 9:30am – 4pm (with lunch break)

Location: sacred space in Sutro Heights, San Francisco. Exact address provided upon registration.

Please register at this link:

Life is a flow of energy: Yin and Yang. Yin moves inward, Yang – outward. Yin introverts; Yang extroverts. The crocus corm dormant and buried beneath the earth comes out of winter hibernation by sending its shoots upward and outward toward the the warming rays of the spring sun. Then, its life cycle complete, it draws its energy back into the earth to await its rebirth the following year. Dissolution and Rebirth. Yin and Yang. Two primary frequencies of existence essential to all life and essential to wholeness.

Unfortunately, the message we get while growing up tells us as that we must choose. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m back from South Africa and a beautiful journey near the mouth of the gorgeous and dramatic Blyde River Canyon in the northeast corner of the country. The new header for my blog is a picture I took at dusk near the rim of the canyon on March 13. Africa – so far away, yet something familiar in me was awakened. My original incarnation in this current cycle of existence, perhaps? Merging with the vast savannah in the silence of nearby Kruger Park I came to know intimately what my teacher calls ‘African Dream Time’. Time stops and one knows implicitly – there is no time, just vast eternal Oneness. The area where I stayed at a botanical reserve at the foot of the sacred mountain of Modimolle, which means ‘place where God resides’, has a very special transcendental energy, allowing the mind to dissolve and one to float blissfully in a sea of expanded consciousness and timeless existence. The Mountain has a powerful way of calling me to attention by instantly aligning my awareness in the vertical axis of the core-light within, and I find that I am in It and It is in me!  Read the rest of this entry »

A student wrote this to me the other day:

“I am looking at my patterning around ‘subservient woman’ and losing my power, playing small etc., as opposed to my fear of the powerful male…. It is as if the egoic patterning brings confusion to what is real, especially around male and female balance. I don’t even know what a balanced male and female is… I would like some clarity around this as it feels like it is holding me back.”

Here is my reply and a bit more:

The polarity of Dominance and Subservience you describe is huge in this world. In fact, ‘power over’ has been business as usual for the last 5,000 years! Polarities held in the mind and emotions are imbalances, and they are an inseparable pair. They are part of the dual nature of this world, and we can’t have one without the other. When we identify with one side, in your case, the subservient woman, the dominant side is still present but it lies unseen in the unconscious mind. What resides in the unconscious is projected out and will be mirrored to us by someone who will act out that unowned energy for us. Men as dominating authority figures show up in your life because you have denied that this energy exists in you. Read the rest of this entry »