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                  Insights for opening the doorways between the chakra levels

In this eight part series we will learn how energy flows in the subtle- physical body via the chakras, or energy centers, and how our limiting beliefs block this flow. We’ll learn a unique set of keys to open the doorways between the chakra levels and awaken the movement of life force energy through the entire body. As we clear negativity by opening the chakras in this way, we find increased mental clarity, emotional balance and feelings of well-being and connectedness to all of life. In addition to having plenty of time for discussion and questions, each class will include guided meditations to ground our new awarenesses. The guide for our journey will be the handbook Returning to Oneness, The Seven Keys of Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston.


Returning to Oneness

Classes, offered in the spirit of service, are by donation and will be held in San Francisco, California at a quiet Outer Richmond district location on eight consecutive Thursday evenings from 7-9pm beginning February 19 and ending April 9, 2015. Classes are limited to seven students. For questions or to reserve your space please e-mail Gary at:

Two on-going meditation/discussion groups have formed with participants that have taken the series previously, and this option is available to you as well, upon completion of the course. I hope you can make it!

“Thank you for providing the Seven Keys journey for us. It was very powerful, meaningful, and instructive. I felt that you were very in tune with each of us and were able to wisely and gently contain and guide our thoughts, emotions, and questions.” Amy Tirion, founder of “Delight for the Soul”,