This is an invitation to meet and heal the wounded inner child. In our sessions together we welcome these children to step forward and to speak what has been unspoken for so long. We hold a loving and compassionate space for their story, offering them the support they need to feel and move through and release their trauma and pain.

The children who live inside us experienced stressful situations and the confusing emotions that go along with them, but did not have the understanding or the skill to cope with them. Sadly, the wise, loving parent or adult wasn’t there for them when they were so very needed. Children are amazingly resilient; so eager are they to move into play and into the present moment, they instinctively push their pain and wounding aside to move on to more joyful things. After all, their newest friend or toy awaits!

But these traumatized children with their suppressed story and emotions continue to live within us, and we grow into adulthood carrying these unresolved emotional traumas in the unconscious mind and in the body. These stored traumas set patterns in place that limit our ability to embrace life fully, keeping us in contraction, anger, pain and fear.


Our work together may take one of two approaches. You may have a memory of an experience from childhood that still feels unresolved. After establishing an open, relaxed and meditative state together we welcome the inner child who is holding the painful memory in place to step forward. We invite the child to tell their story and to feel fully any emotions that were pushed aside as too painful to experience at the time. With our adult wisdom we parent the child, gently guiding him or her to the understanding of their situation and to the union that they seek with the adult self and to their divine nature.

The second method, called Releasing Frozen Children, is a technique that was shared with me by my teacher. With this approach we petition the support of the unseen realms, specifically, Archangel Michael. Beforehand, we discuss the issue or block that seems to be preventing you from moving your life forward, then Michael gives us the age of the child with whom we will be working and downloads the memory for you. The session proceeds as above.

I have witnessed people have beautiful breakthroughs from a single session with these techniques, and a series of sessions can be even more profound. Here, Sarah A. shares the result of her first experience:

“I am so grateful for your facilitating my release of my inner frozen child. I have noticed differences in many areas of my life. I seem calmer, more settled, resisting the NOW less. In sessions with my therapy clients, I don’t rush to answer their ‘problems’ with a solution. Instead, I sink into the present moment and let the client’s story, expressions, and energy affect my own, and I respond however my energy wants to respond. It feels more like synergy than work. It’s more enjoyable! So, I see all of this as evidence that the clearing of that hurt, scared inner child freed up more energy for giving of myself, which is truly what I want. Thank you so much.”

If you feel like you would like to pay a visit to a wounded or frozen child that lives inside you, I would be honored to facilitate the meeting for you. Please click the “Spiritual Guidance” link at the top of the page for my contact information.