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Many now, with the shaky economy, are beginning to contract and withhold. With all the news about the financial instability in our banks, the stock market etc. fear rises its ominous head and we instinctively contract. In truth, the Universe is the source of unlimited supply, and our inner Light, the light of oneness that we are, is inseparable from that supply. But when we succumb to fear and buy into lack, this Light begins to diminish cutting off that support.

Fear begins with a thought; the IRS tells us we have a big tax bill due, for example, and our conditioned and limiting beliefs about money are triggered. It is these thoughts about money and what we are telling ourselves about our situation that becomes our reality e.g. that there is not enough to go around, and I must be careful of losing the little that I have; we create a scarcity mindset, a poverty consciousness. And this us what we will manifest.   

But there is another way! Rather than contract in the face of what appears to be limited resources, what if you were to expand? What if you embraced Flow? Flow is an ever-present current of love, grace and light from Source that supports us and furnishes our needs no matter what the circumstances. Flow is simply divine intelligence fulfilling its evolutionary imperative to take care of its own! It will move through your life by surrendering to it and by having faith and trust that it will. Then our mantra becomes: The Universe is the source of unlimited supply, and I am not, nor have I ever been separate from that Flow.

We can most easily make contact with this Flow at the spiritual or etheric heart in the center of our chest. Love lives here, of course, and Flow is really just love in action! So when you are feeling blocked and your bank account is beginning to trigger fear, return to your heart. The technology needed here is 2G, but don’t think old cellular network here! This 2G runs on different current, for it is a mystical network, and its power radiates from the heart.

It is the two Gs of Generosity and Gratitude of which I speak, which open your heart, and connect you directly to to the abundance that the Universe is eager to supply. How does your heart feel when you give to someone in need? Notice the radiating warmth there, and the fullness of being. Generosity opens the heart. In the East, it is known as the art of selfless giving, or Karma Yoga. When we give generously, and especially without thought of reward, divine intelligence notices! The beneficence we create through our selfless act returns to us because we are in a divine realm now where love is the operating system and where out-go creates in-Flow.

Gratitude, too, opens the heart. Gratitude bypasses the negative mind taking us directly to the higher vibrational heart, where Flow resides. Even in tough times, if you can find gratitude for what you do have you open the door to the abundance that Flow provides.

Practice gratitude daily, raise your vibration, and step into an energetic field that will create a buffer of light against the vicissitudes of the third dimensional world. Your own inner luminescence will become an attractor for abundance and Flow to move through your life.

This economy will always have its ups and downs, but you do not need to become a statistic. Practice your two Gs! Surrender your fears, open your heart and welcome Flow.

Someone who mentors kids asked the question: What are the best ways to build self confidence in a pre-teen?

As I pondered a response to the question and began formulating a list in my mind I saw that it was the qualities of the heart that would lead the way… but of course! The spiritual heart or the heart chakra is where the ascended balance states of being live. These states neutralize or balance polarity and hold a higher vibration than the polarized either/or states of the lower mind, and they are intrinsically imbued with love. 

The wisdom of the heart comes through intuitively when we choose our words and actions from fourth dimensional love, rather than third dimensional polarized power. So whether we are mentoring a student or just living life and having relationships in a polarized world, we can create unity in our consciousness simply by naming and beginning to actualize the higher vibrational states in our lives.

The ascended balance states include acceptance, compassion, generosity, patience and selflessness, among many others. In my response to this mentor I saw that it was the heart-centered states of respect, humility, presence, honesty, and authenticity, along with an overall attitude of flexibility and non-attachment that would foster growth in a student, allowing them to find their own way through the lesson or task. So, specifically, my recommendation to build self-esteem in a pre-teen was:

  • Avoid acting from a position of authority with the student; that’s already implicit in the relationship. Respect them for who they are and meet them from a place of humility.
  • Look for opportunities to allow the student to express themselves and invite them to share their ideas and feelings. Be a present and attentive listener.
  • Set the student up for success with clearly defined goals. Break down larger overarching goals into smaller achievable increments. Remain flexible.
  • Make a commitment to always offer honest feedback to the student. Look for opportunities to praise, but keep it authentic. Praise when not genuinely earned may boost the ego temporarily, but may inhibit emotional resiliency in the long term in face of the ups and downs of life.
  • Avoid criticism in favor of constructive feedback. Offer options and suggestions rather than answers, allowing the student to find their own way to a satisfactory outcome. 

A popular quote attributed to Robert Frost comes to mind here:

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

When we commit to the awakening heart in our mentoring relationship and in life in general we invite Spirit to lead the way, where the light of unity consciousness can work its magic.


As we approach our winter solstice this year, and as the dark turns to light, let us consciously tune into the subtle energies and the descent of Grace that naturally bless us. We can sense it in meditation, in nature, or simply in quiet times if we make space for it. Gently breath into your crown chakra at the top of your head and open to the golden effulgent light that is specially showered upon us this time of year. Allow it to fill you up, washing away any shadow or negativity. Feel how it uplifts you and connects you to your heart. 

The spiritual heart at the center of our chest is a doorway into an ascended state of being. Its overarching vibration is of love; yes, romantic love lives here, but also so many subtler vibrations that uplift us and invite us to connect with others. For example, the spiritual heart shows us the way to acceptance and compassion. Allow your attention to rest there at the center of your chest and open to these ascended states of mind. Feel any resistance in your heart melt as you are uplifted and brought nearer to your essential divine nature. Breathe deeply into this wellspring of love and light.

Forgiveness, generosity, gratitude and humility also emanate from the spiritual heart. On the cusp of a new year, who in your life is awaiting your forgiveness? Can you let go of the pain and resentment and open your heart to them once again? Allow Grace to support you as you surrender your withholdings and heal the broken heart. Begin the coming year anew with a unification so that you both may be cleansed and loved once again. 

In your giving and receiving this time of year (and always) allow Grace and the open heart to guide you. Can you give generously and selflessly, especially to those in need? And can you accept what is given to you with humility and gratitude? Can you be thankful not only for any gifts, but for the beauty of felt connection and the fullness of heart that comes with that?

Joy, too, lives in the heart. Let this sacred and sweet time of year bring you joy. Choose how you spend your time mindfully. Will you be uplifted by your choices or will they feel like a burden, weighing you down emotionally and physically. Use your free will to choose to raise your vibration through your choices moment by moment. Grace will surely meet you there, and then some. 

Lastly, take your light and your joy with you into the new year. This fragmented world desperately needs the healing that comes with the open heart. Together may we seed the world with a higher unifying vibration carried on the wings of love.