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Many now, with the shaky economy, are beginning to contract and withhold. With all the news about the financial instability in our banks, the stock market etc. fear rises its ominous head and we instinctively contract. In truth, the Universe is the source of unlimited supply, and our inner Light, the light of oneness that we are, is inseparable from that supply. But when we succumb to fear and buy into lack, this Light begins to diminish cutting off that support.

Fear begins with a thought; the IRS tells us we have a big tax bill due, for example, and our conditioned and limiting beliefs about money are triggered. It is these thoughts about money and what we are telling ourselves about our situation that becomes our reality e.g. that there is not enough to go around, and I must be careful of losing the little that I have; we create a scarcity mindset, a poverty consciousness. And this us what we will manifest.   

But there is another way! Rather than contract in the face of what appears to be limited resources, what if you were to expand? What if you embraced Flow? Flow is an ever-present current of love, grace and light from Source that supports us and furnishes our needs no matter what the circumstances. Flow is simply divine intelligence fulfilling its evolutionary imperative to take care of its own! It will move through your life by surrendering to it and by having faith and trust that it will. Then our mantra becomes: The Universe is the source of unlimited supply, and I am not, nor have I ever been separate from that Flow.

We can most easily make contact with this Flow at the spiritual or etheric heart in the center of our chest. Love lives here, of course, and Flow is really just love in action! So when you are feeling blocked and your bank account is beginning to trigger fear, return to your heart. The technology needed here is 2G, but don’t think old cellular network here! This 2G runs on different current, for it is a mystical network, and its power radiates from the heart.

It is the two Gs of Generosity and Gratitude of which I speak, which open your heart, and connect you directly to to the abundance that the Universe is eager to supply. How does your heart feel when you give to someone in need? Notice the radiating warmth there, and the fullness of being. Generosity opens the heart. In the East, it is known as the art of selfless giving, or Karma Yoga. When we give generously, and especially without thought of reward, divine intelligence notices! The beneficence we create through our selfless act returns to us because we are in a divine realm now where love is the operating system and where out-go creates in-Flow.

Gratitude, too, opens the heart. Gratitude bypasses the negative mind taking us directly to the higher vibrational heart, where Flow resides. Even in tough times, if you can find gratitude for what you do have you open the door to the abundance that Flow provides.

Practice gratitude daily, raise your vibration, and step into an energetic field that will create a buffer of light against the vicissitudes of the third dimensional world. Your own inner luminescence will become an attractor for abundance and Flow to move through your life.

This economy will always have its ups and downs, but you do not need to become a statistic. Practice your two Gs! Surrender your fears, open your heart and welcome Flow.


I had a Skype conversation with someone recently who shared this:

“I’ve been out of work for some time and I’ve looked and looked for a job, but, so far – no luck. I’m starting to feel frustrated and to get down on myself. Feelings of worthlessness are coming up. If I were to win the lottery, I’d be a happy man right now.”

Here is my response:

I recommend Karma Yoga. There have been times in my own life when I was at an impasse with my employment, and each time when I practiced Karma yoga, or the yoga of selfless service, my situation shifted, doors opened and opportunities presented themselves. When we are out of work it is easy to become me focused, self-absorbed, and obsessed with solving our problem; then, the negative ego rises up to take charge of our emotions.

Spiritual Truth: The evolutionary impulse of the Universe is to support us.

But our obsessive inward focusing energy is contracting and blocks this flow. When we do selfless service, we shift our excessive inner focus to the welfare of others, we open our hearts, and and the Universe responds by supporting us. The love that we begin to access changes everything because this love is what charges the Unified Field – our shared higher consciousness – and the source of infinite possibilities!

Selfless Giving (giving without thought of reward), whether it is of our time, our knowledge and expertise, or of our money, opens a flow of abundance into our lives. Paradoxically, when we give, rather than creating a loss of some kind, we open up a space that the Universe is poised to fill. Grace and blessings, naturally and inevitably, flow into our lives.


Once, when I was out of work and with time on my hands I decided to do some volunteer work in the public schools. I was placed in a 1st Grade classroom to support a teacher who was feeling overwhelmed. After two days a visiting teacher took notice and offered me a part-time job (and one that payed!) working one-on-one with at-risk kids at several schools. This job led to another, then another when I happily landed a position as a full-time elementary school counselor.

Another time, while working in this position and feeling grateful for all that had come my way in life, I was inspired to donate some time to the community by volunteering to help prepare and package meals for the homebound. Shortly after, I was bestowed by my spiritual teacher the honor of teaching some on-line courses for CoreLight, which was the next step in my spiritual growth.


Selfless giving is a shortcut out the ego. It takes us away from our pain, our perceived troubles and our feelings of worthlessness, and cultivates the heart. When we are in our hearts feelings of well-being, gratitude, trust and faith, harmony, and unconditional love naturally arise in us and begin to grow. We are in a state of flow with the Universe, and in that flow everything we need comes to us.

Stuck? Out of work? Relax, do some Karma Yoga, open your heart, feel the love, and see how the Universe supports you. It’s a win-win with riches no lottery can touch!

If you could go to a very beautiful place where you find love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity, wouldn’t you go? I know, you’re thinking, “Fat chance, I can’t afford a plane ticket to some pricey island sanctuary in the Bahamas!” But the truth is this place I’m speaking about is closer than that, even closer than a heartbeat! In fact, it is your heart (though, not the physical heart, mind you!)

This place, located right in your body about three inches below the notch in your collarbone, is known as the heart chakra. It is our spiritual heart. Love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity are states that emanate from this place in our energy body. You can test this out for yourself. The next time you can feel and name the of vibration of love, compassion, forgiveness or generosity, bring your attention to your heart chakra and see what you feel. Do you notice a sensation of radiating warmth and expansiveness there? Do you notice how you feel safe and secure and connected to something greater than your small and limited self.

When our awareness rests in the heart chakra we are outside of the right/wrong and good/bad polarities of the limited and judging mind. Through careful cultivation of our consciousness we can come to rest permanently here in the beauty and expansiveness of the open heart, where all of these ascended states are available to us… as well as many more! Wouldn’t it also be nice to live in faith and flow, and trust and harmony? How about balance and equanimity? And let’s not forget JOY!

When the heart chakra is open and fully enlivened, life flows through us in a beautiful way, and we feel balanced and serene, and as you go through your day, your heart leads the way!

The magic is that there is a very simple easy way to access this open heart daily. It is through the practice of gratitude. Gratitude is a doorway into the heart.


More than a perfunctory “thank you”, the gratitude I’m speaking about arises from a deeper place within. Reflect from time to time on the everyday blessings you so readily take for granted. When you notice yourself mired in thoughts about everything that’s not working in your life, or if you are feeling in some way deprived …stop! Remind yourself of all that you do have, like the love of a child or a partner, or a pet. Or the simple satisfaction of having food to nourish you when you are hungry; there are so many that do without…

By feeling and nurturing this gratefulness in our lives we bypass the polarized nature of the lower mind and our awareness rises up into the heart. The heart chakra begins to open like a beautiful lotus flower.

Count your blessings. Live in gratitude. Your heart will sing! And you will find love, compassion, trust and faith, and more! And this is what you will attract. No vacation in the Bahamas required; your heart is your sanctuary. Wherever you go!

Brother David Steindl-Rast has created a beautiful video about gratefulness. Find a quiet moment, take some deep relaxing breathes, and receive its blessing…

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