With every thought, emotion, and action our awareness flows through the body either ascending or descending our consciousness.” Leslie-Temple-Thurston


Returning to Oneness – the seven keys of ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston is one powerful little book, which will be the basis for a series of eight classes I will be teaching in San Francisco at the end of the month. The classes will be a journey and exploration through the seven chakra system in the subtle-physical body or energy body. Each chakra, or energy center, has its own unique tonality in consciousness. Between the chakras are locks where the veils of our conditioned personality constrict and cut off the flow of life force energy through our physical body. It is because this flow of energy is cut off that we feel the negative emotional states such as pain, fear and depression. By working with the keys we begin to open the locks between the different chakra levels and move our consciousness into more balanced states of trust, peace, and equanimity. I’ve used these keys in my own life for ten years and can attest to their power to move consciousness beyond our limitations and into a relaxed and unified state.

As an example for how we will be working, the second key is forgive all betrayals. Working with it will begin to unlock the door that shuts down the heart. We’ll read the chapter on this key ahead of time, then in class we will work with the concepts presented, process any blocks that come up for us in accessing this key, and use guided meditation to have a real experience of the opening in the body.

I am offering these classes by donation. I feel these teachings are priceless and to put a price tag to them would lower their vibration. I ask that you follow your heart in your giving. All are welcome, and every gift is received equally without judgement. I hope you can make it!

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