This is a world seemingly divided into two. We have positive and negative, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Good and bad! It is a world of opposites, of duality or Polarity. Life lived in polarity is a never-ending teeter-totter of emotions because in polarity we cannot have one side without the other. When we identify with one side of any polarity held in the mind we are bound to experience its opposite side at some point, as spiritual laws says “everything in time will turn into its opposite”. The opposite side is always present, but it lies in the unconscious. If we become ecstatic about landing that new job or winning the lottery, will that ecstasy last? Have we really found true happiness? Despite the relative improvements to our life, we will inevitably become disappointed at some point and the negative emotions we thought we had finally overcome will resurface. We just can’t have the ‘good’ without the ‘bad’. Or high without low!

Is there anything we can do?

My teacher has taught me a simple yet powerful technique to integrate the ups and downs of our egoic mental and emotional states. Based on the ancient mystical teachings of the ‘unification of opposites’ and using the truth and power of the ‘middle way’, this technique quickly and easily brings balance and equanimity to the day to day dramas of our lives. Using it over time the pendulum swing of our emotions is lessened and we begin spending more and more time between the extremes of opposites. The place of the ‘middle way’ is a powerful place to be because we are our outside of the attraction and repulsion of our emotions. It introduces us to new states of being that are balanced and expansive; they are states of the heart. We call these the Ascended Balance States. Here are a few – feel into them and notice what they invoke in you: compassion; equanimity; faith; forgiveness; gratitude; harmony humility; patience; quiessence; selflessness; tolerance; trust, unconditional love

It is out of this quality of love that all of the balanced states of being arise.

If you would like to find out more about Polarity Processing, Leslie Temple-Thurston explains this technique and other powerful techniques for clearing the personality in her beautiful book The Marriage of Spirit. You’ll find a link in my Blogroll at the left. And if you would like to learn the technique in person with experiential practice, please come to the workshop I will be co-facilitating with my dear friend and teacher, Charu Rachlis on Sunday, May 15 in San Francisco. This event will be a benefit for the humanitarian organization Seeds of Light. Look for the details in the Events link at the top of the blog. Hope to see you there!