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           A One Day Intensive, Saturday, June 23, 2018, 9:30am – 4pm

The perennial wisdom teachings tell us that our outer reality is a mirror for our inner one. This is true on a personal level, as well as a collective one. If we are emotionally triggered by others (here we are using the personality that is Donald Trump), then this becomes an opportunity for self-inquiry and healing.To be clear, our objective here is not learning to condone another’s egregious behavior, but rather to take responsibility for what we experience, personally and collectively.

Using three unique, simple, but profound journaling/processing techniques based on the ancient mystical teachings of the reconciliation of opposites we will identify and clear the schisms that are keeping us stuck in judgment, anger, fear or anxiety. At the end of our day together you will be more grounded, emotionally centered and clear minded. And you will be able to take these very practical tools and apply them to everyday situations in your life going forward. By using them regularly over time you will polish your “inner mirror”, deepening your connection to your inner wisdom and higher Self. As you become more balanced, whole and at peace your outer reality will reflect this integration.

The intensive will be held in the Outer Richmond District, San Francisco and is offered by donation. Space is limited to eight people. Email for questions or to reserve your space.

I had a phone call with someone recently who shared this:

“Staff meetings at work have been tense lately with management pitted against employees around just compensation. I always have something to say, especially when my buttons get pushed, but I feel no one listens to me and I feel dismissed – I’m afraid they see me as weak and ineffectual. Then, later, I feel frustrated because I realize I didn’t say what I really wanted to say. What’s going on here? How can I change people’s perception of me?”

Here is how I responded:

The real power of our words comes from a place of neutrality and our commitment to speaking absolute truth. From this place there is no agenda and no investment in making someone right or wrong, or good or bad. This kind of egoic positioning actually blocks access to our intuition and higher intelligence and to our highest expression.

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