In this five part series we will learn how our limiting beliefs block the energy flows in the body and prevent us from functioning at our full potential. We’ll learn a unique set of keys to open the doorways between the chakra levels and awaken the movement of life force energy through the entire body. When used as a regular practice the seven keys become powerful tools for clearing negativity, fear, anger, and victimhood, fostering mental clarity, emotional balance, and the luminous presence within. The guide for our journey will be the handbook Returning to Oneness – The Seven Keys of Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston (available on – paperback or kindle – and at

Returning to Oneness

“A river of light, pure intelligence and love flows within each of us. When the river flows fully from head to toes, we feel happy, fulfilled and awake to our true nature as eternal, timeless beings.” Leslie Temple-Thurston

The teleconference will be held on five consecutive Saturdays from 10:00am -12:00pm PST beginning March 5 and ending April 2, 2016.  An optional sixth class will be offered on Saturday, April 9 for those who would like the opportunity to integrate the teachings more fully. In the spirit of service the series is offered by donation. Suggested value for the five classes: $100. Please register by email at and leave your contact information.

*{The calls are conducted and recorded via StartMeeting- a free and easy to use audio conferencing platform connecting by phone or integrated VoIP. International phone numbers are available. Details are provided upon registration for the conference.}

“Thank you for providing the Seven Keys journey for us. It was very powerful, meaningful, and instructive. I felt that you were very in tune with each of us and were able to wisely and gently guide our thoughts, emotions, and questions.” Amy Tirion, Founder of Delight for the Soul