“Gary is a very heart centered person, and he has helped me repeatedly with love and patience work through my processes and create shifts. I am very grateful for all of his help.”

Alice Williams, Springfield, Missouri

“Gary’s guidance is gentle, clear, and astute. I experience Gary as a steady heart-centred Presence holding my hand as I navigate treacherous terrain. As I walked a life-altering choice in my personal life this past year, I knew, without question, that I could count on him.”

Nancy Scovil, Ontario, Canada

“Gary is a man of heart with great integrity and impeccability. He has moved me with his love for the divine in ways that are very profound and uplifting. In the last few years he has been helping me to clear and process emotional blockages, and with his guidance I experienced a tremendous healing and shift. It has been so so special to have his guidance/support/spirit. It brings me to tears of joy as I write these words, and I feel blessed to have him as a friend and as a teacher.”

Charu Rachlis, El Cerrito, California

“I contacted Gary seeking guidance in clearing guilt. The session turned out to be on forgiveness. Gary’s guidance transformed me on a cellular level. I profoundly shifted in conscioussness and use his words of wisdom for many areas on my spiritual path. I was unconditionally and lovingly held energetically as I moved through my processing. Truly an incredible experience.”

Teresa Smith, Boulder, Colorado